-The process and costs are the same as foil blocking
-Can only be used on certain materials
-Results in a darker colour indentation rather than choosing a colour foil


-Available on most real and synthetic hide products and bookbound items.
-You may choose one colour, usually gold or silver, though other colours may be available.
-Has a one off set up charge and no extra cost per item
-Once the plate is made it is kept and can be used on other products in the future

Using a combination of both modern and traditional binding techniques, our specialist in-house bookbinding team are based in Limassol. We are renowed for our book binding expertise and high quality work at competitive prices.

We provide an exceptional choice of binding formats and designs for self-publishing including: hardback, softback, ring binders, PUR binding, spiral and interscrew binding.

Metal Plate

Each menu cover comes complete with a silver aluminium plate with your Logo.


-As many colours you like
-Any Design
-Full surface printing of the menu